Service Awards

Service Awards

The Avalanche Canada Service Award program began in the spring of 2009. This program was created to recognize individuals or organizations who have demonstrated a significant commitment to public avalanche safety in Canada.



2013 Randy Swenson CAC Service Award For his commitment to avalanche safety in the snowmobiling community and his fundraising efforts through Team Thunderstruck.
2013 Wade Galloway CAC Service Award For his efforts and energy organizing Canuck Splitfest, an annual backcountry celebration and fundraiser for the Canadian Avalanche Foundation.
2012 Parks Canada CAC Service Award For their immense contributions to public avalanche safety in Canada, including the development of AvalX avalanche forecasting software
2012 Jeremy Hanke CAC Service Award For his ongoing dedication to promoting avalanche awareness within the mountain snowmobiling community.
2011 Bill Marshall CAC Service Award For working tirelessly with Non-government organizations to assist them in addressing their challenges with respect to management of avalanche hazards and safety. Bills tenacity and passion for outdoor recreation has proven to be instrumental in bringing much need funding during times of extreme austerity in the public service.
Al Hodgson CAC Service Award For his leadership in uniting ABCSC member clubs in support of improved avalanche safety for snowmobiling in Canada.


Ken Gibson CAC Service Award For his dedication to the development of ATES terrain ratings with MOTCA. Important buy-in to terrain ratings programs to support public avalanche safety and awareness.
Donna Broshko CAC Service Award For being the moving force behind fundraising events for public avalanche safety.


Kirstie Simpson CAC Service Award For actively promoting public avalnche safety and teaching avalanche courses in the Yukon for over 15 years.
Lori Zacaruk CAC Service Award For her contributions and dedication to snowmobiling avalanche safety education.