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Share your incident and help us prevent the next one!

In this report you will be asked questions in a series of pages about the avalanche incident. The more complete your response the more useful it will be for public safety information as well as for future research.

You can download a list of the questions you will be asked here

Avalanche Balloon Pack Study
The CAA and CAC are interested in information related to use of avalanche balloon packs. If you have been part of an incident that involved a balloon pack please download this form and fill it in.

More on CAC incident reporting

  • The CAC does not perform incident investigations, the information collected here serves mainly to help provide public avalanche warnings and information. Where possible every effort is made to share incident information with the public in the interest of public safety. Over time case histories of incidents are compiled and presented in the Avalanche Accidents in Canada series. It is a goal of the CAC to collect good data on incidents so that we can all learn from past events and improve avalanche safety for everyone.

  • Please do your best to complete the information fields requested. There are some hidden detailed question sections at the bottom of some of the information screens. This is done so that the incident forms do not look too overwhelming. We encourage you to enter as much information as you can. An average complete report will take about 10-15 minutes to enter. If you do not know an answer please proceed to the next question. You will be able to append more information to this report at a later time by using one of the feedback links on the website.

  • A partial report submitted in a timely manner is more useful than a complete report submitted long after the event.

Reporter Information (CAC internal use only)


Reporter Information

This information will not be publicly displayed, we will just use it to contact you if necessary for clarification about your submission.

incident submission

Step 1
Reporter Information
Step 2
Usage Permissions
Step 3
Location and time
Step 4
Group information
Step 5
Avalanche information
Step 6
Weather and snow observations
Step 7
Step 8
Review and submit
Step 9

Avalanche Balloon Pack Study