Recent Donors to the Canadian Avalanche Centre

The CAC thanks all of the individuals, associations and companies who have contributed to public avalanche safety. Below is a list of donors.

The CAC thanks all of the individual and organizations who donated in the 2012- 2013 season. It was our most successful year of fundraising. Thanks in part to private donations, we were able to maintain our existing public programs and launch new initiatives in public avalanche safety. This list of donators is now reset for the 2013-2014 season.

Individual & Corporate Donors

Donor Name Amount Donated Sledder Skier Climber
Calgary Snowmobile Club 2014 $1,000.00
Tetrahedron Outdoor Club $250.00
Michelle Jamieson $100.00
Roger Laurilla $500.00
Kerry Vizbar $250.00
Clint Docken $40.00
Rob P - In Memory of Wade Galloway $100.00
The Regent Inn - CAC Exposure Event Donation $607.28
Craig Spady -In Memory of Wade Galloway $100.00
Elsom Environmental - In Memory of Wade Galloway $100.00
Alan Cole $25.00
Resorts of the Canadian Rockies $1,000.00
Mark Sweatman $100.00
VARDA Avalanche Awareness Days Fundraiser $3,235.00
Kootenay Mountaineering Club $160.00
Martin Naroznik $33.33
Miles Palmer $50.00
Kamloops Snowmobile Association $200.00
Marsh Hoke and Barb Prescott $80.00
In memory of Wade Galloway $40.00
Leo Jansma $473.00
Liz and Sam Pinczewski $54.00
ACC - Okanagan Sector $80.00
Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club $2,500.00
In memory of Wade Galloway $100.00
Daytona Homes Lethbridge $50.00
Apex Ski Resort Avalanche Awareness Days $1,000.00
Darryl Polyk $182.00
Wayne Pelter $22.40
Jonathan Wright $250.00
Strad Oilfield Rentals Ltd $100.00
Design Carpentry & Woodwork $250.00
BC Mountaineering Club $500.00
Adam Pomeroy $350.00
Brian Davies $68.75
Nakiska Avalanche Awareness Days $100.00
Fernie Alpine Resort -Avalanche Awareness Days $1,345.00
Marie-Helene Labonte $153.44
UBC Varsity Outdoor Club $2,300.00
John Clarkson $250.00
AlixMacDonald $100.00
Trevor in Rossland $50.00
Boost It Peformance Products $500.00
ACC-Vancouver Section $500.00
Whistler Blackcomb and Arc'teryx $308.00
James Thomson $250.00
Don Collie $125.00
Mark Dumont $50.00
Coldsmoke Films $150.00
David MacDowell $400.00
River City Pub & Mount Begbie Brewery $425.00
Zacs Tracs AST1 students $850.00
Next Rain Irrigation Ltd. and Todd Mansfield $250.00
Paul Blouin $200.00
Ken Lukawy $30.00
Norman Acquroff $50.00
KADENZ Brand Communications - Rik Bjornson $4,600.00
Big Bend Skis $80.00
Ron Sparrow $100.00
Ike and Bekka $500.00
Dan Phillips $400.00
John Scarcelli $500.00
Jock Richardson $100.00

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