Avalanche Awareness Days

A Celebration of Canada’s Avalanche Safety Expertise

View larger imageAvalanche Awareness Days | Photo: Craig Evanoff

Thank you to all our supporters of Avalanche Awareness Days this past season!  There were 32 communities that held Avalanche Awareness Days activities with 4 new participating organizations/venues. We sincerely appreciate everyone's volunteer time and energy to make these days a great success for the public. Check the download at right to see some photos from a few of the events. Many thanks also to those venues who had fundraisers on behalf of Avalanche Canada. AC appreciates this support. The donations go towards improving our public avalanche awareness, education and outreach. Winter is not over yet... so play safe out there and we hope to see you back at another Avalanche Awareness Days event  next year. Save the date: Jan. 17-18, 2015!

Avalanche Awareness Days is a national celebration of Canada's avalanche safety expertise and an invitation to enjoy the winter backcountry with education and training.

This year, our message is mentorship for youth. Avalanche Canada wants you to go beyond avalanche awareness and share your mountain skills with those who need it most. Experienced backcountry skiers/boarders and patrollers are invited to "pay forward" their knowledge of riding in avalanche terrain. Riding out-of-bounds is becoming the norm, and we need to equip our youth to stay safe.

Please see our "Mentor Project: 5 Easy Steps" in the attachment to the right if you would like to get your ski hill or resort started on educating our youth who access the out-of-bounds terrain. You will also find a poster that you can download and use to help promote your event. Simply write the info in at the space at the bottom. If you would like ideas or resources for mentoring youth, please contact us or visit our website for curriculum resources.

Check our Community Events listing to see if there is an Avalanche Awareness Days event in your area. And check the attachment to the right to see some great photos from a few of this year's events!

Avalanche Canada also wishes to thank Canadian Pacific, the presenting sponsor of Avalanche Awareness Days. Through CP's generous assistance, AC is able to reach out to more communities with avalanche awareness messaging.



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