Not Recommended Gear

Single or Dual Antenna Digital Transceivers

Dual antenna digital transceiversaren’t obsolete, but they’re dated. The current crop of three antenna digital transceivers supercedes them and provides clear advantages over previous generations.

Surprisingly, a single antenna digital transceiver exists. This kind of transceiver is being marketed as an inexpensive alternative for randonne racers and big mountain freeriders who duck out of bounds. We do not agree with this line of thinking. If you’re a big mountain freerider, or the parent of someone who wants to be, spend the extra money on a real transceiver!

If finances are truly a concern, we recommend you consider buying a used three antenna digital transceiver (which can be function tested at select retail outlets for a nominal fee).

Plastic Shovel

Plastic shovels do not perform well in avalanche debris and should be avoided. We strongly recommend a metal blade.