Helping You Understand the World of Gear

View larger imageWhat is in your pack | Photo: Greg Paltinger

We all like gear! Skis, boards, sleds, and high-tech clothing enable us get out and enjoy the mountains. Gear also plays a critical avalanche safety role – and that’s the CAC’s primary interest it. We’re all about having fun in the mountains while staying safe – good decisions are your best tool for that to happen. However, safety gear can be critically important if things go wrong.

“The Essentials” are the core safety gear that we consider mandatory. A disturbing number of people haven’t gotten this message; for example 30% of snowmobile accidents involve teams lacking appropriate gear. However, gear alone isn’t enough – you also need to know how to use it. So if you haven’t already taken a course, take one.

Avalanche safety gear is changing rapidly as new technologies emerge and innovative designers tackle old problems. Through the Reviews and Questions sections we’ll keep you informed about new products as they become available, as well as our latest thinking about what works, what doesn’t, and why.

You need to know that the CAC receives some of its funding from equipment manufacturers. On the one hand, that means we have a potential conflict of interest. On the other hand, these companies help us do our work. So, all else being equal, we recommend you support a company that supports public avalanche services through the CAC. By investing in the production of avalanche bulletins and other safety products, these companies show that they care about the entire spectrum of your safety.