This is the starting place for help on the CAC bulletins. The Avalanche Glossary includes the standard set of terms that are used as a guideline for public avalanche bulletins production by the CAC. If you can't understand a term in one of the CAC bulletins, this is where to look first. The Avalanche Glossary definitions were written by Bruce Jamieson, one of the CAA professional members.

The Avalanche Glossary also contains detailed explanations of snow, avalanche and weather related terms commonly used in the avalanche safety and snow science fields. There are charts, drawings and still photos (JPEGs) to help illustrate the various definitions. The intent is to try to provide rapid access to the information that will help you interpret the avalanche bulletins as well as better understand the avalanche phenomenon. Most of the information should be suitable for persons who have basic knowledge of snow and avalanches as might be attained in an introductory recreational avalanche course.

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