Video Resources - A collection of video clips relevant to avalanche safety

The CAC maintains a collection of Video clips that are indexed to match with the AST courses. Some of these clips are located within DVD materials that can be purchased, others are drawn from You-Tube and other web sources. You can access this resource by using the "Video Training Resources" link located on the left menu.

Companion Rescue Card

This card describes in a step by step process how to do a companion rescue with a transceiver, probe and shovel. Print it off and always carry it with you!
Companion Rescue Card

Youth Informed Consent Pamphlet

Are you interested in more information regarding what your child may learn in an AST course and what are some of the issues surrounding delivery of Avalanche Skills Training to youth? Our youth informed consent pamphlet is a good place to start! See link to the right.

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  • Youth Informed Consent Brochure Information for parents about the AST program and minors